7. What are the most important economic data? 

什么经济数据最重要?财经日历对投资者的用处 | ZFX 山海证券

Information that appears in the financial markets every day could possibly affect investors’ sentiments and market trend. Such information comes from different countries and large corporations, which is either compiled and disclosed by different institutes or to be released by some governments and central banks in some countries. 


From the perspective of macroeconomics, all political and economic information feeds fall under the risk category of the finance markets. Most of such information could lead to market fluctuations and this is why investors hope to know the information in a timely manner so as to understand the development of policies and key branches of the economy. This is how the economic calendar is produced. 


The economic calendar, in general, includes many events: the announcements of economic data and central bank policies of different places; speeches by high-ranking officials; political development of different countries; important meetings of international summits and their reports; and financial statements of large corporations. 


Economic data of various countries are regularly announced according to the scheduled timeline. Therefore, investors pay a lot of attention to these data, particularly the one that influences market trends: Non-farm Payrolls of the US. 


Non-farm Payrolls of US 

‘Non-farm’ refers to employment data of the nonfarm population. The data compiles newly-job added, unemployment rate and other relevant details of non-farm sectors. The data allow us to understand the situation of various industries in the US, including governmental departments, professional and commercial services, education and healthcare, hotel and leisure, retail and trade, financial services, construction, mining industry, manufacturing, medical, social welfare, transportations, and public services. 


Non-farm Payrolls is one of the most important economic data of the US, whose Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announces the data at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time on the first Friday of each month. The data reflects the current situation of US employment and the economy. As the global economic powerhouse, Non-farm Payrolls allow us to estimate the economic development of the US and even the world, as well as changes of the interest rate of central banks. As one of the leading indicators, investors in the marketplace pay attention to the release of data, as it could cause fluctuations of different markets.  


The data are announced during the trading hours of European and American markets. This is the busiest time of transactions as all major banks and funds and larger institutes are trading with each other. This is also the time when greater fluctuations take place in stock, forex, bond, and commodity markets. In general, data of Non-farm Payrolls influence the trend of USD. Due to the longer trading hours of the forex market, forex investors or speculators throughout the world usually pay more attention to data of Non-farm Payrolls. 


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