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ZFX: Risk-on mode returns! Stock markets boom

On Monday, Asian stock markets are all trading higher as investors are optimistic towards the deal of 15 economies in the region that formed the largest trade alliance in the world. The trade deal, called “The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, RCEP”, is to mainly reduce tariffs across many areas.

ZFX: Markets were under correction as investors temper vaccine optimism

On Wednesday, the Wall Street was mixed, while the Dow fell just 23 points, but the Nasdaq bounced back 2% from the recent weakness. So, tech stocks on Thursday were good after the rebound overnight stateside. However, the stock markets are still struggling, waiting for further hints leading the direction.

ZFX: Uncertainties maintained! Investors bet on Biden’s win, with divided US Congress

On Friday, investors are cautious watching the final results from the US election, even the early birds have already bet on Biden’s win these two days. Based on the latest record, Biden has racked up 253 electoral votes, closed to the White House. Few battleground states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania are the focus so far, and the prediction is favored to Biden side.

ZFX: Relief bill is coming ahead? Optimism resumes

In FX market, the performance of the greenback was mixed as well. Hopes on the relief bill lowered the safe-haven demand in the market while those riskier currencies like Aussie was favored with such situation, bouncing to 0.7130 level above. On the other hand, the talk of the EU-UK deal was still uncertain, weighing on sentiment over the Euro and Sterling.

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ZFX: Uncertainties all around! Stubborn optimism maintained

Overall, market sentiment is cautious. Traders are reviewing the risks over those issues like the UK-EU talks, the rapid spread of coronavirus, and the progress toward the US stimulus. The dollar strengthened as investors are seeking the haven currency. Dollar index hit 93.9 last night. Countries in Europe are now reimplementing lockdown measures to tackle with the surging coronavirus cases, hurting the sentiment over Sterling and Euro.

ZFX: Market sentiment is boosted by PBOC’s move. Stocks gain amid the weaker RMB

Last week, the whole market was dominated by the news surrounding the Congress and relief bill in the US. Trump suddenly stopped the negotiation, causing the drop of the markets last Tuesday, but resumed it quickly. Up to now, the White House may propose a $1.8 trillion plan, which is more likely to make the deal with the Democrats. However, some Republicans are concerning about the nation’s debt and this offer may be unfavored to the coming presidential election.

ZFX: Trump’s discharge dominated risk sentiment in the short term

Global markets reacted well after the news. All three major indexes of Wall Street bounced around 1.6%-2.3%. The dollar, which was deemed as the “only” safe-haven recently, was weaker against those riskier currencies on Monday. At least, the return of Trump has lowered the political uncertainties in the short term.

ZFX: Bottom signal? Wall Street rallied amid uncertainties

In the coming days, political uncertainties will keep investors on guard. Only very few traders will now expect the US Congress will make any deal regarding the stimulus package, especially before the election. On the other hand, investors now also are looking forward to the first “Presidential Debate” on Tuesday, which may contribute to one of the most significant drivers of the whole financial market in October.

ZFX: Cautious sentiment maintained amid a higher dollar, gold tumbled

Some traders believe that the dollar was bolstered by the US economic data as the manufacturing figures in September and the US home sales in August were improved. On the other hand, the fears of another wave of coronavirus pandemic over Europe and the UK hurt the sentiment of the Euro and the Sterling, boosting the dollar as well. The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the reimplementation of the lockdown measures in England on Tuesday.

ZFX: Nasdaq once again dragged down the market sentiment

The European Stock markets are opening lower, as the resurgences of coronavirus pandemic added fears of another lockdown measures in those regions. The WHO warned that the situation is “very serious”, further triggering the concerns over the economic recovery of the euro zone. The total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have now passed 30 million worldwide, with more than 940000 deaths. Sterling’s move, with a very volatile night, was the focus in FX. As the BOE hinted the potential implementation of negative interest rates, the sterling sharply dropped to the low of 1.2864 on Thursday. Afterward, it was reported that the EU-UK trade deal was still possible, as the comment from the European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, boosting the sterling back to 1.3 mark.