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Market News & Analysis

Market News

Stay in touch with latest happenings in the market. Take advantage of first-hand updates and alerts on the latest forex news in the currency market and breaking financial news stories.

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Market Outlook

Learn about upcoming important events. Enjoy market commentary and nonstop access to fundamental and technical trading analysis.

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Economic Calendar

Use the ZFX Economic Calendar to create a trading plan that complements your strategy. Find out about economic reports, release schedule, past economic events, estimated market volatility, and consensus forecasts.

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Trading Tools

ZFX Trading Calculator

The ZFX Trading Calculator is effective for calculating the profit/loss in a currency of your choice.

Simply select the account type, product, leverage of your preference and enter a hypothetical closing rate.

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MT4 Trades on Blockchain

The blockchain is a very effective record-keeping system with the capacity to secure billions of entries perpetually. Any information stored on the blockchain cannot be changed or erased.

For full transparency, all trades on ZFX will be blockchained, ensuring that users can check past trades, analyze/refine trading strategies, and ensure that there has been no tampering.

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Historical Tick Data

A tick is the smallest unit of time in market trading, and tick data provides the highest resolution of data you can access. By leveraging true tick data, traders get more precise back-testing results and a clearer idea of what their actual fills are. If you trade small timeframes or arbitrage small price gaps created by the bid-ask spread, you can use historical tick data to refine your strategies.

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